Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Afraid you’ll be looking at huge bills when your hybrid vehicle’s battery goes bad? Not anymore. At Hybrid Battery Swap, we offer a completely reconditioned hybrid battery with unlimited mileage warranty. We have a variety of warranty options to choose from, to make it easier for you to select a certain package according to your budget.

Our team is highly experienced with up to date knowledge in Hybrid technology to perform all necessary repairs and services, as well as help educate you on how to maintain your hybrid car battery. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and book an appointment with us.

What Do We Do?

Each battery is put through multiple processes to create a reliable, sustainable, and long-lasting battery. This benefits consumers both ecologically and economically by creating a battery which saves customers hundreds of dollars they would have spent at the dealers for the same battery and with the least amount of wastage to the ecosystem.

Reconditioning Process

Each cell is taken out and separated into packs to be reconditioned. This process rejuvenates every cell individually and restores their optimal charge. The computers create a report on the durability and stability of the cell. Simultaneously, it eliminates any cell which does not preform adequately or efficiently. The good cells are then separated and placed based on their power and capability. During this entire process, the cells are kept at a temperature to warrant their capabilities and to ensure that they are kept healthy at their preferred environment.

Creating the Battery

When creating the battery, we certify that every part is functioning accurately. Every nut, cell, and bolt is thoroughly cleaned. The fan goes through a rigorous cleaning process to allow it to function as if it were brand new. The computer system is put through a testing process to check for accuracy and utility. We create batteries with our customers in mind. We have been in business for more than a decade and have excelled at the art of creating and restoring batteries to confirm the superiority and value of the products we sell. Call today to see our availability.


Packs are created with cells with similar charge and voltage. The cells are tested to certify the efficiency of the cells and the pack as a unit. The pack is kept at a specific pressure and temperature so the cells can function at their optimal point. Each cell individually goes through a multitude of at least ten different tests.

We use a special custom machine which tests how the pack functions at a similar environment as a car in terms of temperature and durability. This safeguards the quality of the product we sell and validates each cell.